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Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Patients,

Hobson Meadows Family Medicine is following the most recent developments and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) with respect to the management of Coronavirus (COVID-19).


The COVID-19 virus is genetically very similar to the original SARS virus that infected China in 2002 and the MERS virus that spread through the Middle East in 2017. All of these viruses are in the Coronavirus family of viruses. Other Coronaviruses are known causes of the common cold. Several behaviors of this virus make it particularly troubling. The first is that it can cause a much more serious pneumonia than lesser strains.  This is particularly dangerous to anyone with underlying lung disease, including smokers and those with impaired immune systems. The second troubling aspect is that a newly infected individual may not have symptoms for 2-7 days; however, during this early phase they can still transmit the virus to other people.  Thirdly, many infected individuals have very mild symptoms that are mistaken for influenza or the common cold, so they are less likely to be careful about transmitting it to other people. Fourthly, we still do not have the wide availability for testing for the infection. An fifth, we have no effective treatment.


Until an effective vaccine or antiviral medication is developed, we are all mostly on the defensive against this virus. Over the last several days, our office has implemented the ability to have video televisits.  Telemedicine is covered by most major insurance carriers and Medicare while we are battling COVID-19.  We initially worked to provide telemedicine with the intent to screen any of our patients who have respiratory symptoms and to request testing should it be necessary.  However, telemedicine capability is also useful for asymptomatic patients who are at increased risk of contracting the virus and need medical follow up, without taking the change of further exposing them to potentially sick people.  For basic guidelines, see below:

  1.  If you are sick, whether you think you have COVID-19 or not --- CALL US. We will triage your symptoms, set up a televisit and arrange for testing, if warranted under current guidelines.

  2. If you are over age 65 or have any chronic illnesses and are in need of routine care, call to set up a televisit.

  3. If you need medical care and are currently quarantined, call to set up a televisit.

Of course, our office will remain open for those patients at low risk for routine medical care, physicals, and medication refills.  Our phlebotomist is still on duty.  As always, we have 24-hour on call telephone coverage to serve your urgent needs.

I want to repeat: IF YOU HAVE RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS (FEVER, COUGH, COLD, OR SHORTNESS OF BREATH), CALL US SO WE CAN HELP DIRECT YOUR CARE. This will provide you guidance without potentially spreading Coronavirus to our other patients, staff and providers.

This situation is not ideal, but together we can get through it!


Dr. Bob