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COVID-19 Vaccine Information


We have been working with the DuPage County Health Department and are happy to begin offering COVID-19 vaccines for our established patients.  Our practice will follow the Illinois Department of Public Health vaccine distribution plan. This plan divides the population into groups based on risk factors including occupation, age, living conditions and medical conditions and allows vaccines to be administered in four phases. 

We can currently vaccinate patients who are in the Phase 1a group.  The Illinois Department of Public Health will allow for healthcare providers to begin vaccinating the Phase 1b group on 01/25/2021.  The IDPH does not currently have projected vaccine administration dates for other groups. The current supply of vaccines are limited, we cannot vaccinate patients prior to the phases defined by IDPH; please do not ask us to do so.

We are offering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine series requires two injections, 28 days apart.  Please click here for more information from the CDC on the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. 

Please call our office to request your immunization appointment.  Appointments will be scheduled based on vaccine availability.  As these vaccines have a very short window for administration once thawed, it is imperative that you keep your appointment.  For more information on what to expect with the COVID-19 vaccine, please click here.

Note that per Medicare guidelines, your insurance will be billed for the vaccine administration; however, Medicare patients WILL NOT have a co-pay or deductible for the vaccine.

For additional information from the CDC regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, please click here.

IDPH Vaccine distribution plan
Patient Form
Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet EUA


In accordance with the IDPH COVID-19 vaccination schedule, we are offering vaccines to all adult patients at this time. We have the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, which is indicated for ages 18 and older
Please call our office to schedule your appointment!

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